Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Route

Our proposed route skirts along the northern US border, venturing into Canada and hugging the great lakes before entering New England and dropping down the eastern seaboard. After leaving the bustling cities of the east coast, the route returns to more rural territory, cutting almost due west through the middle of the country. The final leg finds us meandering up California coastline before returning home on bicycle.Of course this is only a tentative route that will be supplemented by many detours and layovers. We expect the trip to cover 9654+ miles and last approximately six months.

The two most frequent comments we receive when we share our trip plans with folks are “that sounds like fun!” followed closely by “that sounds like a lot of work.” Indeed the first few weeks will be filled with an abundance of both joy and aching soreness. Some people report training for the tour on the tour, resulting in nearly a month of misery. We have been riding a fair share as of late (albeit probably not enough) in an effort to spread out this initial misery.


Greetings and welcome to our blog! Here you can catch up with the latest trip developments, post comments, and discover a thing or two about bicycle touring. Our aim is to make this website as fun to read as it is to produce, so if you have suggestions please leave feedback or shoot us an email – the more involvement the better! This journey is both an adventure and an awareness booster. We have two charity beneficiaries that do some amazing work; Habitat for Humanity International and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are top ranked organizations that apply a high percentage of donations directly to relief/research efforts. We encourage everyone to participate in the fundraising – many of us have been blessed beyond measure and can part with a little dough for the less fortunate (if you are reading this, you know who you are =). Stay tuned for updates and more details regarding our voyage!