Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Website Stuff

Yes, we are alive and well! Just a little delayed on the blog. Ironically, despite being on vacation, we tend to keep busy either pedaling, eating, making/breaking camp, exploring, or socializing. We need a vacation from our vacation! Joking aside, you’ll be happy to discover many new photos posted. If it’s been a while since you glanced at the photo page we encourage you to check it out (link on right side). New pictures were added to the existing albums and we’ve also created secondary albums to keep things organized. *Photo Tip* Pictures are best viewed by clicking "Slideshow" in the upper left hand corner after selecting the album. Lastly, if you’re wondering where the older posts have gone (or you want to catch up from the beginning of our journey), simply scroll down to the “blog archive” section on the right hand side of the page beneath our fundraising section. The drop down arrows will give you access to our buried treasures =)


  1. The pictures are great - how 'bout that "Chasers - Bikers Welcome"?! Did it seem like a sign from God? :) I think about you every day and the experiences you are having. Take care

  2. Thank you guys. Its great that folks are thinking of us. Peace.