Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is the biggest little city we have peddled into for a long time. The route that we took was a combination of super highways and four lane streets which made entering very challenging. It was definitely worth all the trouble because Boston was the top city so far in my opinion.

There is so much history in this town that it is quite overwhelming without some structure. We saw a tour that had just started and joined up. This was the freedom trail tour that covered everything from the North Church (think Paul Revere, “One if by land, two if by sea”) to the floating legion - the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) to Old Mother Goose’s grave. It was truly amazing and I would strongly recommend you read about it. A couple of things that stuck out were Bunker Hill Monument (pictured) that we climbed and also seeing where the Constitution was first read in front of the old capitol building (also site of the “Boston Massacre“). Talk about history.

A place that stood out was Faneuil Hall/Quincy market - all the presidents of the United States of America have spoken here at some point in time. It was quite breathtaking. Outside of the building was a street performer that really earned his money by putting on a great show. He had an act with a ladder that was really cool. He would block unknowing passersby with this prop, all the while the whole audience laughed wildly. It was great.

Academia is quite prevalent in Boston; from what I’ve been told over 120 institutes of higher education reside in the greater Boston area (20 mile radius). We decided to visit the most popular one of all and quite possibly the prettiest campus I’ve seen yet, Harvard. It also is one of the oldest colleges in the USA, making it a great place to visit. The famous law school building was very impressive with all the pillars and statues.

Having been in the sun all day sightseeing, we rode down from Harvard Square to the community pool to cool off and boy did it feel good. We felt much better getting cleaned up prior to meeting up with our newly found friends Elliott and Erin for dinner. After they spoiled us with food and drink we went back to their house and played ladder ball, a new game to us but very fun nonetheless. In the morning we helped them move out of their house which was good because we like to pull our weight but it never happens.

Over all I think Boston is one of the best cities that we have traveled through in a long time. Second only to Gold Hill perhaps?


  1. Finally a post from you guys- you have to keep us Gold-Hillbillies up on the big wide world! I must go to Boston some day.

  2. You should go to Boston! Its a great place to see decently. Thanks again!