Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Huge Thank Yous

We were recently the receivers of yet more good fortune. Teresa Thomas of the Mail Tribune was gracious enough to write up an article about our trip! You might have seen the column in the paper - if not you can check it out here. Well written indeed (in case you are wondering I am in fact riding with Mr. Finchum, not Sinchum - easy mix up). We were curious to see how media involvement might boost traffic to the website (both in comments and more importantly fund-raising dollars). Unfortunately we didn’t see much of an impact but we are still optimistic. I just changed the website as to allow anyone to comment (no user ID required), so if you have been lurking in the shadows now would be a great time to drop us a line or even make a donation =)

Another incredible gift came in the form of an internet retailer: www.thetouringstore.com. Clancy and I had both bought our panniers (packs) from the gentleman that runs this fine operation before our trip. We appreciated Wayne’s customer service even back then. Unfortunately, our packs weren’t quite working out the way we had planned (specifically with regard to waterproofing). We called up Wayne and explained the scenario. He went out of his way to make the situation right. If you noticed that our bags look a little different these days then you would be correct. A million thanks to Wayne and the touring store.com! If you are in the market for touring gear (racks, bags, etc.) we strongly encourage you to look him up.


  1. It's great to see you got some recognition in the home town paper, your story is definitely newsworthy and inspirational- I was out of town the week it printed (Aug. 23) so I missed it, but went to Mail Trib site now to find it. (The link you created didn't work for me.)

  2. Thanks for the heads up Dan and Mary! Link should work now... Hope things are marvelous at home =)