Friday, November 6, 2009

Clancy's B-Day

Being that we were away from home for Clancy’s birthday we felt compelled to make him feel at home on the road. We started by purchasing a half-rack of Pabst in the morning. It’s fortunate that we didn’t have to ride on this particular day, we would hardly condone drinking and riding, that would be illegal! We stopped, er… stepped into a diner for a healthy lunch of chili fries and onion rings. Delicious and nutritious! Low on liquid refreshments at this point, we grabbed another half-rack of beer at the connected store (this time it was Natie Ice). This lasted us nearly till supper, before which we grabbed some more Natie Ice. The pizza dinner that evening was quite tasty to say the least, though our waiter seemed like he had been sampling something not listed on the menu. That night we stayed at an Appalachian Trail hostel with a hiker nicknamed Chipmunk. The hostel had accommodations for close to 80 people; I can only imagine what the joint might have looked like during peak season. ‘Twas a fun day indeed - I would write more about it but I can’t seem to remember much else…

On a completely unrelated note, it was recently brought to my attention that our charity donations were temporarily closed. The issue has since been resolved and donations will be processed all the way up through Christmas day. Thanks to everyone that's contributed!

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  1. Happy Birthday Clancy!! You are getting the most out of your years it seems.