Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An Update is Here! (Scroll Down)

The really short version: We arrived home just in time for Thanksgiving with our families! Having taken the Amtrak from Denver to San Fransisco (thus avoiding a Donner Pass scenario) we had a safe ride back up the coast to southern Oregon. "Normal" life is definitely an adjustment - more on that to come. For right now we are home through the holidays (New Year's) at the very least. Who knows what the next chapter might hold...

In the mean time, your patience is appreciated while we work on finishing the blog. There is more of the adventure to retell and you will no doubt find some interesting reflections on here in the not so distant future.

Lastly, to all those that we've met and that have followed our travels, thank you kindly - we'll talk soon =D


  1. Yeah! It was a pleasure to send you off in May and reunite in Nov. Got to see with my own eyes that your "food" stories are true. Your moniker must be "Bottomless pit Bikers" Clancy's Mom

  2. Congratulations guys!

    The stories on your blog are great as are your pictures. Hopefully we'll run into each on the road again.


    Wes Choy
    (The tour cyclist you met in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore)

  3. We can't wait to read all about it! Actually, the pleasure was all ours! It was the highlight of our 4th of July weekend, and maybe even the highlight of our summer! We still have friends ask how you two are doing! Last week, someone teased me that I had the four sons I always wanted!!!! Stay in touch, ok? Hugs, Lori and Gary
    PS, this is Cole's last week in Oregon...any chance you'll be in the area?

  4. Am checking for "the rest of the story" :) You two must be busy Christmas shopping?? Am sending Christmas goodies - hope to have them there before the 25th!! Stay in touch. Merry Christmas and hugs for the two of you. The "Campbell clan"

  5. I know "the rest of the story", your friends are waiting. Tell, tell . . .

  6. Thanks for posting pictures. Narrative to come?