Sunday, May 17, 2009


Food is one thing on this trip that my mind always seems to ponder. What to eat? How much? When? Are all the questions that I go through. Not to mention that all food tastes great and there is never enough. Better yet, lately we have been getting a lot of great tasting handouts from family and friends. Thank you guys. One meal stood out to us several mornings ago when we fried up some eggs and ham and added cheese and then placed it between toasted bagels. It definitely was heaven on earth if there were such a thing. So in closing, I’m going to say that food is one of the most rewarding treats on our trip so far. Peace.


  1. Great to hear you guys are so far on your way and getting help along the way!! Wish I could be there! Have fun and eat lots of food, you'll burn it all off anyway :)

  2. Speaking of food, did you grab the last of the carrot salad from the cooler? And I got home to a pkg of those hefty muffins I made in the freezer; forgot to pack for you, sorry. Vesta said the turkey you guys cooked was awesome.