Sunday, May 31, 2009

Having Fun?

Since we left the Rockies about a week ago, things have been, uhh, flat. Days on the plains have been long in an effort to stack on some millage ; we recently had our longest day yet at 112 miles. We miss the mountains. After many big travel days we decided to take a rest day, and boy are we glad that we did.

The city of Glasgow, Montana had some Saturday events which we gladly took part in. First it was off to the mud bogs, which drew quite an interesting crowd. Between shocking (and questionable) wardrobe observations, we caught plenty of testosterone-charged mud slinging. The highlight of the show was an '84 Camaro monster truck that most rednecks would kill for.

The after party was a Blues and Brews festival. For the price of admission it was all you could eat and all you could drink. We might have over-indulged. The music was also fantastic - the night culminated with a jam session involving performers from all of the bands in what can only be described as a country/rap mixture with a kickin' bassline (very cool).

After being awakened the next morning by the sprinklers in the city park (did I mention we just zonked out in our sleeping bags without pitching tents?), we joined up with some delightful folks that we met at the festival. Steve and Ginger took us for an awesome tour of nearby Fort Peck and treated us to a delicious hamburger luncheon. I managed to drop my wallet along the way (doofus), but an awesome soul turned it in and I was ecstatic to retrieve it. Who says you can't have a ball on the plains?


  1. Met you guys today and think you have a wonderful adventure ahead of you. Good Luck from the 3 Oldmensbikeride2009.

  2. Ok, I just looked through all your pics and read your most recent blogs and I am definitely jealous (or "envious" if Alicia were here to correct me). You guys are definitely living the life! Make sure to have twice the fun to make up for me not being there.

  3. Unemployment is just two weeks notice away Jen ;) I kid, but thanks for commenting and we miss you folks at home!