Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Costco Shopping List

As you have probably read, food is a constantly on our minds. Unfortunately, some of the tastiest morsels are not available at your average road-side convenience store. For this reason we are planning a Costco pilgrimage (think Amazing Race but instead of a checkpoint, the final destination is a Costco). The following items made the grade:

1. Nutella: A delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that Clancy brought back from Switzerland, where they put it on everything. I believe the retailer sells them in 32oz two packs in true Costco fashion.
2. Rotisserie Chicken: Moist, delicious, fresh from the oven - need I say more?
3. Large Combo Pizza: Costco makes some darn good pizza pie, give it a shot if you haven’t lately.
4. Almond Butter: Like peanut butter but even more delicious and nutritious!
5. Flat of Muffins (12): Most likely in the chocolate/blueberry/poppy seed combination. However, we might consider coffee cake as a worthy substitution in place of poppy seed.

That seems like a lot of food you might say, to which I would respond , well we are shopping at Costco - no? In the event that we are unable to dispose of enough food in a timely fashion (i.e. the bikes are overloaded), we are considering taking a rest day just to enjoy these finer things of life. Surely, there is no greater joy to be had as an American than over-consumption.


  1. C&C, I'm so happy you had a good meal or two. My mother's heart is all about your food issues and hygiene!!!! OK, I give up! I can't control those things from my couch and laptop but that's where my heart is.And I guess that will be the main thrust of my prayers for you. May God keep your tummies full and your pits sweet smelling.Love,Marsha

  2. Don't forget blueberries, carrots and romaine and pepper jack. Fine w/me if you reek, that's half the fun. Mom

  3. Glad to see that your appetite is ravenous as always. we are having lots of thunderstorms. Hope your trip is staying on course. POLY is smoking some salmon for your brother and got a new tattoo with his moms name on it yesterday. The old dude finally got some ink. take care we miss you!

  4. Smoked salmon, tattoos!? I'm missing out on the home front =)

  5. I thought people went to costco for hotdogs

  6. Thanks for the reminder Ash - might have to get some of those too!