Monday, June 8, 2009

One Month on the Road

Can you believe it!? We've been missing one month as of today. In ways it seems like our journey started just last week, but for the most part it feels like we have been traveling for many months (in a very good way). Pace of life on a bicycle fits us just fine - this last month has been one of the most enjoyable in memory. Thus far we have traveled over 1,700 miles through Washington, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota. Just yesterday we passed through the geographical center of North America - Rugby, ND. By Thursday we will have reached Fargo and the Minnesota border. The last few days, rain and headwinds galore have tried their best to put a damper on our progress, but the generous people we have encountered (Vince, Kirsten, Father Katanga, and Sylvester) have spoiled us and brightened our days tremendously.

If you haven't checked out our pictures page lately, take a peek, as we were finally able to get current. We send our best to friends and family at home! Time to get back on the road...


  1. Great Pictures! Did you spring for anything at the "Finnicum Automotive and Floor Covering? What a hoot; they must sell rubber mats or something. Nice side-trip to the roller park. You guys look lean & mean. If your bike got the bed, then I guess you got the floor, eh?

  2. You guys forgot your ham! We have it. You may want to come back and get it.

    Seriously though, we enjoyed meeting you! Have a great trip.

  3. g'head and peep in on the pictures....but don't ooogle the chocolate cake.

  4. This has nothing to do with your trip, are now officially an online wakeboarding icon!

  5. Tresa: The bike and I drew straws - I lost =)
    Vince: I would say you should eat the ham but it went unrefrigerated for some time lol. We so enjoyed your company and would love to come back some time (even if the ham was gone by then). Cheers!
    Ash: No oogling of any kind permitted!
    Jon: You the man - thanks for helping make me internet famous ;)