Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun in Fargo

Six-o-clock on Thursday we rolled into the booming metropolis of Fargo Moorhead, perched directly on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. We had done some networking prior to our arrival and already had a place lined up to crash for a couple of nights. Tired from a long day of riding (we took an accidental 20 mile detour), we gladly parked the bikes. Our hosts, Tyler and Greg, both architecture students at ND State, welcomed us in with open arms and open containers. While we quenched our thirst, our hosts entertained us with some excellent live music. Greg could pluck a banjo like nobody’s business and Tyler played the guitar exceptionally well, especially for someone who had picked it up recently. Soon after, they whipped up some killer burgers and hobo potatoes that made our tummies oh so delighted. Later that night, I went out to make some calls and do something that I would later regret. You see, ever since leaving home I have had this insatiable urge to partake of fourthmeal, or Taco Bell if you will. Since TB was just two blocks away, I sauntered down the street and ordered myself a double decker taco and a grilled stuffed burrito. What happened next was almost too graphic to describe. I finished eating my food and a feeling of dread swept over me. It took a moment for my mind to process what had happened – my TB experience had left me feeling dirty and completely unfulfilled. So there I was, alone in an unfamiliar place, having just lost my fast food virginity for the trip. It was a horrid experience, but not bad enough to stop us from eating at the first Whitecastle we see.

The following day, Clancy and I walked down to the post office to claim a package that our friend Ashlee had sent to us. At the pick-up counter, a clerk retrieved a healthy sized box from the back room. We were expecting a small parcel, not a ten pound crate. Certain that there had been a mix up, I took a moment to inspect the box. Not only was it large-and-in-charge, it was also beautifully decorated with our names and a map of North Dakota! (see picture). I could not help but wonder how many postal employees had taken the parcel off of the belt just to oogle at its beauty along the way. Not surprisingly, the best was still to come. Once we got back home, we dissected the package to discover a bounty of goodies that included coconut marshmallows, cake, and home made energy cookies, all of which were exceptionally delicious. If you want to send us something I hope you are taking notes!

Later that evening, Greg schooled us in a very enjoyable round of frisbee-golf (referred to as Frolf in these parts). Afterward, upon Tyler’s return home from work, we headed out to an Irish pub called Dempsey’s. The music was good and the beer was even better. We had a chance to meet some more super-chill architecture students from the program and proceeded to have a terrific time socializing with our newfound friends. We closed the bar, capped the night off with an Irish car bomb, and stumbled home together. The next morning, Tyler graciously treated us to a buffet breakfast where we over indulged as per usual. Eventually, we gathered up the gumption to load the bikes and head out of town – it wasn’t easy I tell you. Goodbye Fargo, Greg, and Tyler, we’re gunna’ miss you!


  1. You guys are so lucky! I'm quite sure everyone at the post office was picking up the package. What a great thing to get halfway across the country!

  2. Didn't send it to be an ooglepoint, but thanks for making me an internet-celeb anyway (just not again, okay? I'm shy over here)

    PS Taco bell = NEVER GOOD. EVER.

  3. I'd love to get on the send- goodies- bandwagon! Give me detailed instructions and I'll bake!!!

  4. Laura: It was more delicious than I can describe!
    Ash: When you send that kind of magnificent care package you should expect some internet fame - don't be so humble =D
    Marsha: I think we have some detailed instructions headed your way...