Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long Road...

We started on one of the longest days yet at 2:00pm after finally finishing a great French toast and bacon lunch. From Libby, Montana we traveled northeast on a road for seventy plus miles with no services. This road was nice for the fact that there was no traffic but was very long and monotonous. With no waypoints to judge distance it really drug out. The road surface seemed like a treadmill - a treadmill with a flypaper belt. Nine hours later, we finally made it to the end of that road and found ourselves on a beautiful, long bridge over Koocanusa Lake when the rain started. We were so worn out and still had eight miles to go. In the town of Rexford we got a free camp site with a hot shower and boy did we sleep good. So despite the long, rough, hard rolling road it was a successful day of fun.

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